Complete Guide To Teddy Bear Puppies!

The Complete Guide To Teddy Bear Puppies

We are extremely excited to announce that we have JUST PUBLISHED our first E-Book and it is NOW AVAILABLE!  ORDER NOW AND DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY!

The Complete Guide to Teddy Bear Puppies

If you are thinking about getting a Teddy Bear Puppy, or about to bring home your first fur-baby, then this E-book is for you!  Jam packed with 190 pages of amazing information about this adorable breed, it’s really a must read for everyone who is interested in Teddy Bear Puppies.  Chapters include:


  1. Choosing the right Teddy Bear Puppy
  2. Teddy Proofing your house!
  3. The First Few Days with your new Teddy
  4. House-training
  5. Socializing with other dogs
  6. Training
  7.  Feeding
  8. Grooming
  9. Health Care
  10. Tips, Tricks, and MUST-HAVE Advice!
  11. Much, Much More!

Click Here to view more information Or order now and download instantly for only $29.95!


Where It’s All About Teddy Bear Puppies!

Whether you have owned a teddy for years, or this is your first time hearing about the most adorable dogs in the world, we are your #1 resource for everything about teddy bear puppies.  Also known as Shichon or Zuchon dogs, “Teddy Bear” dogs are quickly becoming one of the most popular designer cross-breeds in the entire country!

As a combination of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, Teddy’s have a unique set of characteristics, in both their physical appearance and personality, that will instantly make you fall in love with them.  They are extremely loyal, love human companionship, very clean, great with both adults and kids, and easy to train!  Plus, they are hypo-allergenic!  So, if you have pet allergies like I do, then a Teddy might be perfect for you!

No matter what information you are looking for, we have it here.  Click if you are looking for more information on:

We also have the largest database of Teddy Bear breeders in the world with over 100 breeders from across the USA listed and sorted state-by-state.   Each breeder listing has all available contact information listed, as well as a link to their own Teddy Bear website.

*Update* – We just launched a new website with over 10,000 puppy breeders listed for over 100 different dog breeds!  Check it our at!

We are very proud of the information we have available on the website, but if there is ANYTHING that you are unable to find, or a question that you still need answered, please e-mail me here.  I am more than happy to help!  Also, if you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints please contact me.

You can follow us on social media at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, please stop by each spot and check us out.

If this is your first time seeing these adorable little guys, you may decide to just spend a few minutes checking out all the  photos we have in our picture gallery!  There’s nothing wrong with that!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the site and come back soon!

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