Meet MeChew – Our St. Patty’s Day Photo Contest Winner!

MeChew St Patty's Day Photo Contest Winner

MeChew – The Winner

Congratulations to MeChew, the winner of our first Annual St. Patrick’s Day photo contest!  MeChew was submitted by Denise Schugel of Elkhart, Indiana, and will receive a $25 PetCo gift card for her win!

Me Chew’s signature look included a St. Patrick’s Day top hat, feathery boa, and a bright green skirt. Quite the festive St. Patrick’s Day look! MeChew received 31 likes on our Facebook fan page, which topped our second place finisher “Bailey” by 19!

Bailey St Patty's Day Photo Contest Runner Up

Second Place – Bailey!

Bailey made a great run at the win, but ended up coming in just short, taking second place.  However, he quickly became a fan favorite with his adorable smile and very festive outfit.  It’s no wonder people love Teddy Bear puppies when they look so adorable!

Thank you to both of our top finishers for entering our contest, both pups were such good competitors!

Also, thank you to all of you who voted and made this contest such a huge success!  We are now very excited for the next contest and hope to have many more in the future.

To see all the contest rules and details, check out our original St. Patrick’s Day Photo Contest post.


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