Bath time, an exercise in Patience

Even the cutest puppy in the world gets dirty and stinky after long enough between baths.

It goes without saying that Buddy gets dirty pretty quickly since his favorite activities include: digging in the dirt, dive bombing into snow piles, eating dead bugs, eating deer pellets (yep), and licking anything with flavor (literally… anything, he licks the top of a hand lotion bottle like it is filled with Beluga caviar).

Buddy has had a bath once before: at the dog groomer’s before he got his first haircut.  While we were there, she told us to give Buddy an bath once every six weeks or whenever he gets noticeably dirty.  Buddy made it almost three weeks before my wife decided that his crusty-orange-facial hair (gained from sneakily licking a post-pumpkin-bar mixing bowel on the bottom self of the dishwasher) was sufficiently “dirty enough” to warrant another bath.

Buddy is used to spending time in the bathroom.  He sits right next the the air vent each day while I shower, letting the hot air blow over his furry coat on cold winter mornings. So, it makes sense he was very curious about the tub, probably wondering what goes on during Dad’s strange morning ritual.

Buddy Curious about the tubBuddies energy is infectious and it’s hard not to smile when you see him jumping up and down and running in circles because he can’t contain his excitement.  He gets this way whenever one of us comes home, or he can tell we are about to give him a treat.  This was the same level of excitement he showed while anticipating his bath.

Buddy in the TubThat excitement didn’t last long.

It is quite a chore to hold onto a wet puppy while trying to pour water over his back, scrub him with a brush, and shampoo his hair (with dog friendly shampoo of course).  We learned that with Buddy it is really a two person job, you need one person to hold him down while the other scrubs and rinses him off.  However, since I was holding the camera, I left Rebecca to do it all by herself.  She gave me the stink eye more than once during the whole process.

Buddy seems to love jumping into puddles and bounding through neck deep snow, so we thought he would love splashing around in the tub.  We were wrong.  Once the water got above his toes he tried to jump ship like he was on the Titanic!

Buddy Jumping Ship
Buddy escaping
Buddy Not HappyHe was so determined to jump out that Rebecca had to hold him up on his hind legs! Every time he went down on all fours he would try to jump out again!  We had to cut the bath shorter than we wanted to because it became to difficult to control him and clean him at the same time.

So, after just a few minutes in the tub, Buddy got his wish and hopped out to dry off.

Buddy Toweling OffToweling Buddy off took some effort as well. One thing I didn’t know about dogs is that no matter how dry you get them after a bath, they still think they need to shake themselves dry.

Buddy shaking himself dryFortunately for me, Rebecca got the worst of it.

It is amazing how much water a Teddy Bear puppies coat can hold.  Buddy shook himself several more times before jumping down, sprinting away, and hiding under his favorite chair.

Buddy HidingI think he was afraid that bath time wasn’t over and he would have to go back into the tub!

But, if there is one thing we have learned about Buddy, it is that he is easily distracted by anything he thinks is a new toy.

The hair dryer was great, it served two purposes:

1) It got Buddy’s hair dry fast eliminating that “wet dog” smell

2) It got Buddy excited and playing with the hot air wore him out (always a challenge with Teddy Bear Puppies)!

After about five minutes of dryer time, buddies hair was dry enough to be brushed.

Buddy getting brushedOne of the things I like the most about Teddy Bear Puppies is that they have really fine hair, rather than fur. The hair really looks cool when it is freshly cleaned and brushed.

After his bath and brushing, Buddy had transformed from a adorable slightly stinky puppy with crusty mouth fur into a majestic, beautiful, dog-model who looked like he just popped out of a Purina Ad.

Majestic BuddyIt’s amazing what a little water, soap, and brushing can do for a cute little puppy!

Things we learned giving Buddy his first bath:

1. It’s a two person job, one person to hold him down, one to clean him

2. Use less water in the tub, it seemed like the higher the more nervous he got

3. Scrub his feet really well

4. Make sure you hold onto him until he is mostly dry, a wet dog is hard to catch!

5. Make drying off a fun game, using a hair dryer really made him excited

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