Buddy Was Featured On “The Daily Puppy!!!”

I just saw it now, but last Thursday I entered Buddy’s information on “The Daily Puppy” and they wasted no time, making him the “Featured Puppy of the Day” the very next day on Friday!  Apparently the rest of the world is realizing how precious and adorable Teddy Bear Puppies are!  You can see the full page here!

Buddy already has 69 Facebook Likes and 35 Comments (as of 7:30 pm Monday). Buddy is making a great first impression on the world and people seem to adore him!  Some of the comments he is receiving include:

doglover3702 said:Buddy on The Daily Puppy

So adorable his face is to die for!!!!

spunky said:

OMG! Buddy, you are just the cutest thing ever! You better use sunscreen when you are sunbathing! Kisses and tummy rubs for you!!!

amyliz said:

What an adorable little peanut you are, Buddy! Many happy and healthy years to you, sweetie!

Abiglen said:

The innocence of a sleeping puppy is a beautiful thing…Buddy is a sweet furry love 🙂 sending, love, hugs & kisses for baby Buddy

bluegigi said:

Such a handsome boy you are Buddy, with your fashion forward plaid jacket, very smart and chic!

poochielover said:

What an adorable baby!! This is the sweetest breed – such personality and loving temperament!

Learama said:

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! Look at that sweet little FACE!!! Oh my God! I just want to steal him and cover him in kisses! Such a cutie pie! Have a long happy and healthy life filled with sunshine and cuddles little Buddy!

nancybatt1 said:

Buddy I am in love with you. What a precious little darling you are. Your family is very lucky to have such a sweet little boy in their lives

Yes we are, click here to Tweet about it!

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