A Day In The Life Of A Teddy Bear Puppy…

One of the best parts of owning a Teddy Bear puppy is getting to see all of the crazy things that they do on a daily basis.  They have such amazing, unique personalities, and a lot of spunk for a small dog! As Rebecca and I were watching Buddy bark at some squirrels the other day, we started talking about how interesting the world must look from the perspective of a Teddy Bear puppy.  There are so many things that [...]

Buddy Was Featured On “The Daily Puppy!!!”

I just saw it now, but last Thursday I entered Buddy’s information on “The Daily Puppy” and they wasted no time, making him the “Featured Puppy of the Day” the very next day on Friday!  Apparently the rest of the world is realizing how precious and adorable Teddy Bear Puppies are!  You can see the full page here! Buddy already has 69 Facebook Likes and 35 Comments (as of 7:30 pm Monday). Buddy is making a great first impression on [...]

Cute Buddy Video – Air Sniffing out the Car Window!

We made a short trip to the grocery store tonight and decided to take Buddy along with us since he had been such a good puppy while we spent most of the day cleaning the house.  (If you haven’t met Buddy before, get introduced to him here) For some reason Buddy likes to sit on my lap while I drive, and although it is probably safer for him to sit on the passenger side, I don’t mind to much if [...]

A Teddy Bear Haircut

One thing we have really noticed about Buddy is that every time his hair gets long, he starts to look raggedy and old.  That’s no way for a puppy to look!  I am sure that Buddy still feels like the same happy and rambunctious puppy, but when he looks like he just spent the winter in the Scottish Highlands and has the long, furry coat to prove it, we know it is time to schedule a haircut with Buddy’s groomer. [...]

Bath time, an exercise in Patience

Even the cutest puppy in the world gets dirty and stinky after long enough between baths. It goes without saying that Buddy gets dirty pretty quickly since his favorite activities include: digging in the dirt, dive bombing into snow piles, eating dead bugs, eating deer pellets (yep), and licking anything with flavor (literally… anything, he licks the top of a hand lotion bottle like it is filled with Beluga caviar). Buddy has had a bath once before: at the dog [...]

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