Repurposed DIY Dog Sweater in Six Easy Steps

In the cold state of Minnesota, Buddy often needs to wear sweaters when he goes outside. Unfortunately, dog sweaters and coats can cost upwards of $30. So when David had some sweaters he was getting rid of, I decided to try my hand at re-purposing them and making Buddy a new sweater. I figured it was a win-win situation because if it didn’t turn out, it didn’t cost me any money! Step 1: Use your dog’s current favorite sweater/coat as [...]

5 Easy Steps: How to Make a Cute Dog Bed

Our puppy Buddy loves to lie in front of our large bay windows and soak up the warmth of the sun. He normally lies on the hard wood floor, so I wanted to provide him a little more comfort while he napped. I have seen other Teddies with small “sunning mats” that they can lay on and take a nap on a warm sunny afternoon.   I thought to myself, I am a handy lady, I can make something like that [...]

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