Cute Buddy Video – Air Sniffing out the Car Window!

We made a short trip to the grocery store tonight and decided to take Buddy along with us since he had been such a good puppy while we spent most of the day cleaning the house.  (If you haven’t met Buddy before, get introduced to him here) For some reason Buddy likes to sit on my lap while I drive, and although it is probably safer for him to sit on the passenger side, I don’t mind to much if we are just driving around town.  Anyways, as we were almost home I decided to roll the window down and let in some of the nice warm Minnesota spring air.  As soon as the window rolled down, Buddy stuck his head out into the wind and started sniffing the air!  It was such a cute sight in driver’s side mirror that I had to take a video to show everyone!

Don’t worry, we were on an empty street and were going very slowly.  We made sure we were all alone before we started shooting the video! No puppies or small animals crossing the road were harmed during the filming of this clip!

Tweet: Check out this cute Teddy Bear Puppy sniffing the wind! am very intrigued by the sniffing that you can hear during the video.  Apparently Buds wanted to smell everything he could and he had so many different smells coming at him that his nose went into over drive!  If you have the volume on, you can clearly here him throughout most of the video.

Has anyone else noticed this kind of behavior with their Teddy Bear puppy?  If you have seen anything like this with your little guy (or girl) let me know in the comments section down below!

Buddy, The World’s Cutest Puppy

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