DoggyLoot: Basically like Groupon for Dogs!

I have to share this brand new website with you guys. Well, it’s not brand new, it’s been around for several years, but I just found out about it, so it’s brand new to me! It’s basically like Groupon for dog owners, where they have some insanely awesome deals that you can get on normally expensive products for your dog. It’s called DoggyLoot and you can check it out by clicking this link.

My wife and I were talking the other day about how much we love getting Buddy his Bully sticks, but how ridiculously expensive they are. We were at our local pet-store last Sunday and we bought a pack of six small three-inch Bully sticks for… $17.99!?!?  How in the world can it cost $3 for a small little 1 oz. dried piece of… well, I don’t even really know what they are made of, but it shouldn’t cost $48 a pound for the things! We could buy Buddy “Kobe Steak” dinners every night and probably spend less per ounce! But Buddy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them, so we end up buying them every week.

Ok, I am done ranting, that was kind of therapeutic…

So anyhow, I stumbled across DoggyLoot the other day, just by chance, and the first thing I saw was a pack of 10 six-inch Bully sticks for $18! Holy Cow, I thought… that’s insanely cheap compared to our local store. For a pack of almost twice as many, that are twice the size, it’s almost the exact same price. Basically 75% cheaper per ounce. I immediately bought a pack and, because I am a huge nerd, went straight to my calculator.  After some basic 3rd grade math, I figured out that Doggy loot is going to save me about $400 a year just in purchasing Bully sticks.

That is awesome.

Buddy is already expensive enough, so anyway that we can save $400 a year is going to help, A LOT.

So, my first reaction was “Wow, this is going to save us so much money”, and my second reaction was, I really need to share this info with our readers. But before I recommend anything to you guys, I need to know that it is legit, and awesome.  So, I did a little more research on DoggyLoot and found out that they have a TON of really good deals on all sorts of things. Here is a list of the really good deals they currently have: (as of September 8th, 2014)

$16 – Sixty Venison Sausages = 50% off

$18 – Awesome Silicone Treat Molds= 36% off

$19 – 10 Low-Odor 6″ Bully Sticks= 56% off

That’s just a few of the deals we looked at for Buddy, and new deals pop up every day, so if you are reading this much after September 8th, sorry if those deals are already gone!

After some more research and figuring out that the site was actually as awesome as it seemed, I knew I had to share with you ASAP for two reasons.

#1 – It is going to save you a ton of money even if you only bought things that you would normally buy anyways.

#2 – They also have a ton of really cool stuff I didn’t even know about!

For example, there is this one item called the “Safe Behind Bars Harness” which basically keeps a small dog from slipping through he thin bars in a fence and escaping.  I wish I had seen thins 3 weeks ago because I spent $75 putting small notched “chicken wire” around the bottom of our deck so that Buddy couldn’t slip his shoulders through and escape when we weren’t looking. (this happened once before and almost ended tragically when I had to run into the road and stop traffic to keep Buddy from getting hit).  If i had seen this harness I could have bought it for $21, and saved $54 plus four hours work!

Honestly. I wouldn’t promote this website to you if I didn’t think it was a really good deal for any dog owner. But, for full disclosure, as I did more research I saw they had an affiliate program, which is awesome because I was going to tell you all about it anyways! Now, if you sign up through one of these links I will receive a small commission. If you do decide to sign up though one of my links, that is AWESOME, thanks so much! But please know that I would be promoting this to you even if there was no affiliate program, because I truly believe it’s that awesome.

Once you check out DoggyLoot, come back here and write a short comment on the great deals you got!

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