Meet Buddy, the cutest puppy in the world…

Meet Buddy, our 4 month old Mini Teddy Bear Puppy!  At the risk of stating the obvious, Buddy is the world’s cutest puppy.  I know, I know, everyone thinks their dog is the best dog in the world, but my wife and I realized that Buddy IS actually the best puppy in the world!

We didn’t come to this conclusion haphazardly, we actually do have evidence.  Over the past two months we have witnessed a number of things that undeniably prove that Buddy is better and cuter than any other dog on the planet.  I completely understand Buddy teddy bear puppy in the snowyour skepticism, especially since the photo on the left is “cute” but not “baby monkey riding on a pig cute”.  So in order to show you what my wife and I have learned over the past 8 weeks, I am going to display the evidence for you:

Buddy’s best friend is a stuffed monkey:

Buddy and Chunky Monkey

Buddy and “Chunky Monkey” are inseparable… unless Buddy gets tired of chewing his face

Buddy has decided to self potty train

Buddy self potty trainingHe is excellent at making sure to always use enough toilet paper

Buddy always listens the 1st and 3rd times

He’s not always sure where he is going, but he makes sure to get there fast

Buddy makes sure to conserve his energy by napping frequently

Buddy sleeping upside down

Buddy napping upside down

Buddy sleeping next to his bedSometimes he has worked so hard he doesn’t even have the energy to make it to his bed

Buddy is the best guard dog ever

Either that, or he realizes how dangerous Christmas cards can be

Buddy never complains when Mom makes him wear his coat outside

Buddy in a red plaid jacketThis will also be his “head shot” when he auditions for the role of “Baby Ewok #7” in the next Star Wars film

Buddy is always ready to tackle any new day

Buddy not a morning person


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