MTBP’s is now on Google +!

We are proud to introduce our very first Google + page for Mini Teddy Bear Puppies!

This page will include a ton of interesting a unique content that you won’t be able to find here on the website, on our Facebook page, our Pinterest page, or on our Twitter page.  Our Google + page is going to be dedicated to giving you are more intimate look into our day-to-day life with Buddy our 9 month old Mini Teddy Bear puppy.  If you haven’t met Buddy yet, do so here!

Google + Mini Teddy Bear PuppiesWe will give interesting tidbits of information like our homemade doggie treat recipes, grooming tips and tricks, training success (and failures!), and lots more!  The goal will be to give the world a personal look at what it’s like to have our little bundle of furry joy!

If you have a second, we’d love you to check out the Google + page here!

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