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The Complete Guide To Teddy Bear Puppies E-Book!
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We are happy to announce that our first book: “The Complete Guide to Teddy Bear Puppies” Is almost finished and NOW AVAILABLE for pre-order!

Teddy Bear dog e-book

Our first day with Bud! We had NO IDEA what we were in for!

The idea for this book started when my wife and I first got our Teddy Bear Puppy: Buddy.  As soon as we got him home, we realized we had NO IDEA what we were doing and needed to learn how to house break, discipline, train, and care for this wonderful little guy.

However, when I tried to find a helpful book about Teddy Bear Puppies, I was shocked to find that there were literally no books written on the breed!  We were discouraged and lost…  Still, we managed to get by and made it through the first year with Buddy, making lots of mistakes and learning along the way.

But it would have made our life SO MUCH EASIER if we would have just had a simple, easy-to-read book about Teddy Bear Puppies filled with everyday knowledge and practical tips.  So that’s what I created.

The Complete Guide To Teddy Bear Puppies is written to be THE ESSENTIAL book for Teddy Bear Puppy owners.  Inside you will find:

  • Complete background information about the breed
  • Answers to common questions from 1st time owners
  • Interesting information about bringing your Teddy home
  • Everyday knowledge to get you through the first few weeks
  • Practical tips for house breaking and potty training
  • Training and disciplining techniques THAT WORK!
  • Tons of great pictures
  • Thorough information on your Teddy’s exercise and nutrition needs
  • Funny, relate-able stories that will make you say “That’s just like my Teddy!”

With this book, I GUARANTEE that you will feel much more comfortable in your ability to raise a family friendly pet.  The techniques have been tested and proven to work.  Plus, it gives clear direction on everything from training, to health, to understanding their unique NEED for human companionship.  And the best part, it covers everything from choosing your puppy, all the way through to senior dog care.

If you are considering a Teddy Bear Puppy or know someone who is, then purchasing this book for you (or them) is a HOME RUN!

Launch Date is set for December 10th but DON’T WAIT!  Reserve your copy right now!

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